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Music makes a difference in the MYP

Three Middle Years Programme (MYP) students share how music impacted their education and how they choose to include music in their studies.

For many students, music is an opportunity to relax and express themselves creatively. In the framework of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), students are asked to engage with their studies, interests and real-world applicability. Three MYP students share their perspectives on how they use music to communicate important messages, support their community and expand on their education.

“I have titled this song, ‘The Black Box Song’, as this song is most appreciated when eliminating all other senses.”

MYP student Kieran Hozack shares the inspiration behind the musical composition he created for his personal project and his plan to raise awareness and funds for the visually impaired.

“My goal was to spread an important message about unity and cultural diversity through music.”

MYP student Aarsha Mukerji knew the best way to spread awareness about inclusivity and diversity was through her music. She wrote, produced and performed her personal project in the 22 official Indian languages.

Q&A with Aarsha Mukherji
arabella 3

“Music has taught me a wonderful international language.”

Violinist & MYP student Arabella Logan shares the impact of incorporating extracurriculars like music and sports into her education and how it has benefitted her school and personal life.

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