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Power of positivity: MYP students prove that ‘everything is possible’.

Middle Years Programme (MYP) students at Wockhardt Global School in Aurangabad, India, exhibited their personal projects virtually after school closures due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Power of positivity: MYP students prove that ‘everything is possible’

‘It is easy to give up but challenging to take up’, is the mindset that the students embodied as they worked extremely hard over the past few months to showcase their hard work virtually and reach out to a global audience.

The young risk-takers, who despite their limitations, organized a two-hour event on Zoom that included presentations of their projects followed by an open discussion and a Q&A session with an enthusiastic audience.

These creative projects included topics like: being a blogger, a passionate artist, developing an app, raising awareness about water conservation through street art and how to benefit farmers and increase their income. All these varied projects articulate the IB learner profile attributes that students possessed and developed during the process. The confidence with which the students presented and led the discussion demonstrated their effective communication skills, leadership qualities and the zeal to accomplish their goals was highly appreciated by the audience.

Aarya, the head boy of the school who created an iOS application for music lovers, said that this virtual exhibition experience has refined him as an IB learner and enhanced the approaches to learning (ATL) skills, which will be a great take away for his future. Masoom, the head girl and a budding blogger, said that despite technical issues that cropped up during the process and practice sessions, they overcame all the challenges and staged this event with the guidance and motivation from their coordinator and supervisors.

“Anything on this Earth, even this dreadful COVID-19 pandemic, can be defeated with the power of positivity”

Other examples of students work:

While talking about their idea behind selecting their topic, student Raiyaan shared that his idea of raising funds through the sale of his artwork to support an organization that aids Alzheimer patients is the result of his personal experience. The idea of using street art as a way to raise awareness about water conservation in her own city perfectly highlighted Jija’s personal interest and made her goal a challenging one as she tried this style for the first time. Aadesh cared for the farmers of his village and conceptualized his idea of cultivating stevia plants to augment the farmer’s income and reduce operation costs to support his local farmers.

The personal project journey has ignited, in these young minds, the urge to serve the community in the best way possible, using all their skills and talents. When asked to reflect on the personal project and their learning, students defined themselves as lifelong learners and said that this enriching experience they gained during the process is a testimony of what we all can achieve. The students added that they would continue their relentless work, and that no hurdles can stop them in reaching out to the community.

Talking about the pandemic and its effect on their learning, students declared that, “anything on this Earth, even this dreadful COVID-19 pandemic, can be defeated with the power of positivity. It could not cease us from organizing our virtual personal project exhibition and from learning further”.

To view the event, click here.

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) will host a new community event of student learning through our IB network which can be enjoyed by everyone. Schools are invited to share their MYP community projects and MYP personal projects digitally on our IB website to showcase creativity. Compile your community projects and/or personal projects into a clip or compilation and tag it with #MYPX2020 to share your work!

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