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Ce n’est pas moi qui consomme trop.

When was the last time you were excited about a standardized test?

By Rebecca Young Never? The IB hopes to change this when MYP students take assessments on-screen from 2016. Middle Years Programme (MYP) educators and students deserve an assessment that promotes 21st century skills by offering performance evaluation on a global scale. The MYP Next Chapter has energized IB staff, educators, and educational technology experts to […]

Une présentation vidéo vous en apprend davantage sur son fonctionnement. Veuillez cliquer sur le bouton CC qui se trouve en bas à droite de la vidéo pour afficher les sous-titres dans les langues disponibles.

Science, mathematics and MYP eAssessment

By Rita Bateson In my role as MYP Curriculum Manager for Science and Mathematics, I’ve received some common queries in relation to eAssessment in the Middle Years Programme. I thought it would be useful to share some of my responses more widely with you here on the IB blog. How can eAssessment positively impact teaching […]

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From scepticism to optimism for MYP eAssessment

By Hamed Mokhtar I was sceptical and even disappointed when I first heard about MYP eAssessment! Questions invaded my mind, and I felt completely lost; ‘onscreen’ means internet access is needed, so what if the internet connection is slow? Will students in schools with weak internet connection be at a disadvantage? And what if the […]


Ten steps to MYP personal projects

Updated 13 March 2018 For the registration of MYP candidates for personal project moderation, here is some useful information about the process for registering your candidates: Who needs to register? In MYP schools with year 5 of the programme, all students must complete the personal project. When do I need to register my students? For the […]

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Making the change from MYP moderation to on-screen examination

By Gareth Jones. What changes when a school moves from moderation to on-screen examinations and what becomes better/easier for that school? Six months ago, I sat with a group of international educators from across Europe in a school café at the International School of Milan. Our students were presenting finely polished presentations that had been […]


“This is big, it’s something innovative” – new video shows enthusiasm for MYP eAssessment

In preparation for the full launch of MYP eAssessment in 2016, the new on-screen examinations were piloted with 68 IB World Schools and over 2,000 students earlier in 2015. IB World Schools in China, Jordan, Spain, USA and Canada took the additional step—as pioneers and ambassadors for MYP eAssessment—of contributing to a new video about the experience. […]

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An exciting new step for the MYP

In the biggest transformation to the MYP since its launch, 2016 will see the IB externally assess MYP Year 5 students. But not in the traditional pen and paper format. The eAssessment will use on-screen examinations – including multimedia and interactive activities – and ePortfolios to test students, bringing assessments in line with 21st-century learning.