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The power of poetry

The inspiring story of a young immigrant and IB student who used poetry and women’s issues to integrate into a new society. Heaven be your body How you bleed sky How the sun sets where your eyes close How When you stand The flowers And the clouds of warm milk lean towards you How you […]

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True grit: my DP superpower

Through the DP, alumnus Thea Kurniawan says “I learnt the value of positive relationships, the importance of struggle before success and that the journey is more important than the destination.” She joins us this year as an alumni contributor to share her experiences since graduation.

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A fresh start: The Juice Executive’s Alex Auger

For Alexandra Auger, the Diploma Programme (DP) set in motion the confidence she would later need to create her own company. Video and Q&A below on her journey from the DP to managing director of The Juice Executive. The conversation continues: Alexandra Auger completed the Diploma Programme (DP) at Maidstone Grammar and read Politics, Philosophy […]


DP grad JT Yeung: how to become a vlogger

One science communication course at the University of Melbourne gave DP alumnus JT Yeung the inspiration needed to dive into the world of YouTube vlogging. We speak with him to find out what skills he needed to create his first video essay and how the medium can be used by students.


Communication for a purpose

Communication can be understood as receptive, productive and interactive skills, but it cannot be kept in isolation or without purpose. I remember a few years ago taking a group of IB Diploma Programme (DP) students on an exchange trip to a francophone IB World School in Togo and their disbelief when I told them about […]