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Haley Classen

IB, worldview, and me

Alumna Haley Clasen reflects on the attributes that lead alumni of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) graduates to success and the dense webs of relationships that connect these individuals who find they can relate despite seemingly obvious differences – a testament to its deep influence on intercultural understanding and respect.

Frances 200

Why group six (the arts) is great!

“Studying the arts and setting aside time for creativity within formal education is important” says alumnus Frances Marsh, “for fostering imagination, as respite from German grammar and as an opportunity for these important moments of community, collaboration.”


Inquiry-based learning and teaching in science education

The main theme running through my research activity is learning and teaching inquiry. I have focused primarily on the most complex level of inquiry – open inquiry. This method of learning inquiry may contribute significantly to understanding the essence of science and to developing scientific thinking. The most important skills that senior IB science students […]