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How the DP prepared me for university

Alumna Haley Clasen says, “the DP put a lot on my plate, but I learned how to succeed and thrive in a rigorous environment. I learned to write to-do lists to make sure I cover everything, and to plan my calendar even weeks in advance, helping me organize my time around what I need to do.”

SRI low-income

Access to IB programmes in the US increases for low-income students

By Kyra Caspary and Katrina Woodworth, originally published by SRI International in March 2016  Since it was established in 1968 to provide high schools students with qualifications that are recognized by universities around the world, the IB Diploma Programme (DP) has developed a reputation for rigorous academic standards. Students who score well enough on individual IB exams can […]

Reflecting on the Diploma Programme

“I accept setbacks, bounce back from disappointment and learn from my errors” In an honest and personal story, Vedika Luthra, IB Diploma Programme student from the American School of Warsaw, explains how disappointing test marks motivated her to perform better the next time