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What are the most influential ideas on language learning at present?

As the Career-related Programme (CP) language development review moves into its design phase, the IB has been working closely with thought leader and chair of the ECIS MLIE (Multilingual Learning in International Education) special interest group, Susan Stewart. In a series of three articles for the IB, she shares with us her insights in areas […]

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What is the IB diploma? Ten stories for parents and students new to the IB

The Diploma Programme (DP) is a two-year program that aims to challenge students aged 16-19 on an intellectual, emotional and ethical level while also providing them with the breadth and depth of knowledge of multiple subject areas. Learn more about the components of the DP program and see why it is a valued global curriculum.

Change to DP Higher Level mathematics – specimen papers now available

From May 2017, the number of questions on all higher level (HL) mathematics papers will be reduced by approximately 20 per cent. We have taken this action in response to evidence from schools, feedback from students, and our analysis of results that suggest that candidates struggle to reach their full potential in these papers. Based […]


Programme Resource Centre launched

Programme resource rentre launched to replace the resources libraries on the OCC We launched the programme resource centre [beta version] in September. The website will eventually replace all the libraries of programme resources that are currently found on the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC). You will use the programme resource centre for fast and efficient search […]

Improvements to the examiner marking system

New technology presents us with excellent opportunities to deliver an enhanced e-marking experience for IB examiners that is fit for the future and has high-quality assessment at its heart. Leading this collaborative effort are the developers at RM Assessor, in consultation with a panel of examiners and IB assessment staff. Together, we have determined what […]

Reviewing assessment principles and practices

The two primary functions of the IB Information System (IBIS) are to deliver our assessments for the Middle Years (MYP), Diploma (DP) and Career-related (CP) Programmes in May and November each year, and to calculate grades for candidates each July and January. Over time, IBIS has been edited to include the additional assessment functions of […]


Be a risk-taker and implement MYP eAssessments

By Angela Brassington Are we risk-takers? Implementing eAssessments for our students at Munich International School (MIS) was an exciting new challenge. Both students and parents very quickly understood that these assessments tested the student’s ability to apply understanding, rather than just memorising facts. Many were excited to be involved. Onscreen exams support inclusion and the […]

Chief examiner postcards to the DG

At the Chief Examiners Conference in March, some took the opportunity to raise a question with the IB Director General, Dr Siva Kumari, by writing their question on a postcard. Take a look at the questions and Siva’s responses below. 1 How will you make sure that the standards remain international and not become western? […]