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How to prosper with MYP personal projects: common assessment queries

By Gill Chudley Standardization and assessment In the fourth post in this series How to prosper with MYP personal projects, we’ve pulled together the most common questions from the Middle Years Programme (MYP) community about the assessment of MYP personal projects. Let’s dive straight in. Where can you find the task-specific clarification, as it is not […]


How to prosper with MYP personal projects: supporting the process

By Sarah Phillips In this third post from the series How to prosper with MYP personal projects, we look at how students and teachers can support each other at this important culminating experience for students in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). The personal project is an important culminating experience for Middle Years Programme (MYP) […]

Help for hurricanes relief effort

MYP students bring the community together to help ensure children can continue to learn and play after multiple natural disasters sweep through the USA “I sat in shock. Glued to the television watching what was happening as Hurricane Harvey hit the southeastern coast of the USA. My heart was bleeding for these people. We had […]


“Students learn to appreciate their work on MYP Day”

They take to the stage to showcase their personal projects, service learning ideas and more Middle Years Programme (MYP) students at The International Academy-Amman, in Jordan, produce so much inspiring work for it to go unnoticed. That’s why MYP coordinator Nadia Abdallah created MYP Day, an event dedicated to celebrating their work. The event, which was […]


Bringing stories to life

Students share their life experiences in a ‘human library’ event, which inspired and motivated classmates You can learn a lot from a book, but you can learn even more by hearing those stories first hand. That’s why IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) students at Oakridge International School, in Hyderabad, India, created a ‘human library’. A […]


Music teacher hits high note after secret student nomination

Proudly telling the world about our educators in our 50th anniversary year We are delighted to announce that since interviewing music teacher and IB examiner, Renée McCarthy for this post about her nomination for a prestigious teaching award, she has been announced as the winner! Renée teaches at Woodcroft College, Australia where her students are so […]


Calling all MYP health education teachers!

By Sumaya Alyusuf I’m sure we all agree how important health education is for families, schools, cultural groups and the future of our world. At the IB, our programmes strive to take a holistically-oriented approach to education, attending to students’ health and well-being across a full range of cognitive, physical, social, spiritual and emotional domains. And like […]

Good Shepherd Lutheran College MYP Personal Projects 4

How to prosper with MYP personal projects: advice directly from the classroom

By Laura England In the second in this series How to prosper with MYP personal projects, we look at this important culminating experience for students in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). Like any open-ended, student-centred inquiry, the MYP personal project requires thoughtful implementation followed by careful reflection and iterative improvements. This process is familiar […]


Making eAssessments accessible for all students

Proudly telling the world about our philosophy in our 50th anniversary year An MYP student with a visual impairment has excelled in the MYP eAssessment. The IB’s Dr Kala Parasuram tells IB World magazine how making the examinations accessible was a learning experience for everyone When the Middle Years Programme (MYP) e-Assessment launched in 2015, […]


Leveraging concept-based learning in the IB continuum (part 2)

By Adrian von Wrede-Jervis In this follow-up to my first post, I’m ‘thinking out loud’ about key concepts and global contexts in the Middle Years Programme (MYP). As before, I’d like to share strategies for continuing to explore interdisciplinary understanding between these two essential components of the MYP curriculum framework. Can global contexts inform key […]