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The importance of taking care of mother nature

Sustainability goals and corporate involvement: project-based learning through creativity, activity, service (CAS)

At a time where sustainability is at the forefront of many business strategies, IB Diploma Programme (DP) students at Christ Junior College, Bengaluru, India decided to create a creativity, activity, service (CAS) project to investigate corporate involvement in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Supporting teacher education

Recognizing the achievements of the IB’s UoPeople Scholarship award

To combat the global educator shortage and need for almost 69 million new teachers by 2030, IB’s Director General Dr Siva Kumari launched a collaboration with the first non-profit, American-accredited online university, University of the People (UoPeople) to offer educators a cost-free opportunity to build their careers and benefit their communities. Hear three awardees share […]

What does the future of teaching look like?

What does the future of teaching look like?

What skills and experiences do our teachers need as they look to educate students post-COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? We connect with the University of Dundee MA education IB Pathway class to learn more about how lecturers, student teachers and schools are preparing for instruction and hear about their virtual practicum experiences at the International School of Como.