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Nikki Doig is a lecturer in education at the University of Dundee in the School of Education and Social Work

Unlocking virtual doors in lockdown

Nikki Doig is a lecturer at the University of Dundee in Scotland, supporting undergraduate education students working towards the IBEC Certificate in Teaching and Learning. She shares her perspective on coordinating a virtual practicum with the International School of Como and incorporating practices from online teaching into the classroom.

Catherine Tømte will give a keynote about balancing digital and analogue teaching practices at the 2020 European Education Festival.

Engaging students through active learning

Technology has the potential to help teachers in the classroom, but what is the best way to integrate it into everyday learning? Professor Cathrine Tømte will address this topic in her keynote session at the 2020 European Education Festival.

Ziyaan Virji together with his team at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa.

Young IB student receives the Diana Award

IB Diploma Programme (DP) student Ziyaan Virji was recently awarded the Diana Award for his efforts to provide girls with the necessary sanitation resources they need. Here is how he plans on empowering women through his organization.

How IB schools are celebrating International Year of Indigenous Languages

Since the UN declared 2019 as the ‘International Year of Indigenous Language, more than 800 events have taken place around the world. Here is how SenPokChin (senpaq’cin) celebrated this important holiday.