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Sharing experiences: how to enhance the MYP

Two IB educators reflect on research findings that evaluate the IB’s Middle Years Programme (MYP), which the Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC) facilitated over multiple years. Hear Gabriela Gonzalez from St Brendan’s School in Uruguay and Natasha Haque from the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa in Kenya share their thoughts on interdisciplinary learning, collaboration and more.

Implementation and outcomes for MYP: Next Chapter

Implementation and outcomes for MYP: Next Chapter

To learn more about the curriculum development in the Middle Years Programme (MYP), we sat down with Tarik Azzam, Megan Mansfield and Devin Larson, the researchers behind the multi-year study to understand the critical outcomes.

Why we should address teacher wellbeing

Teaching is such a rewarding career but the pressure to achieve certain targets can cause stress and anxiety. Here are some tips that schools can use to support their teachers.

How does language learning contribute to whole child development and readiness for transitions after compulsory education?

This article is the second of three parts focusing on the CP language development review. The IB has been working closely with thought leader and chair of the ECIS MLIE (Multilingual Learning in International Education) special interest group, Susan Stewart. In a series of three articles for the IB, she shares with us her insights […]