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Celebrating the work of the IB Educator Network

Proudly telling the world about our educators in our 50th anniversary year As the IB turns 50 this year, it shines a spotlight on the IB Educator Network (IBEN) which supports professional development throughout the organization. “The importance of knowledge transfer cannot be underestimated,” says IBEN member Matthew Thomas. “Within the IB community, it is […]

A teacher’s guide: Using social justice topics in the classroom

Topics surrounding human rights and equality can be thorny, but educators can use societal issues to create meaningful dialogue with students and enhance learning as PYP Teachers Kirsten Fournier, Kerri Irwin and Vivien Rosa-Vaccarelli tell IB World magazine Race, gender and faith—there are not many more social justice topics that can elicit unease and uncertainty […]


Music teacher hits high note after secret student nomination

Proudly telling the world about our educators in our 50th anniversary year We are delighted to announce that since interviewing music teacher and IB examiner, Renée McCarthy for this post about her nomination for a prestigious teaching award, she has been announced as the winner! Renée teaches at Woodcroft College, Australia where her students are so […]

Phil Evans

Love your leadership capacity

Philip Evans, a development specialist for the Americas, recently earned an IB advanced certificate in leadership research concurrently as he earned a Master of Arts in educational leadership and management. Pursuit of this dual credential is possible through Royal Roads University’s online program, which has an on-campus residential component. Phil began his studies a year […]

Leadership matters, so how do I improve mine?

By Deidre Fischer and Glenn Odland Schools are often vibrant and noisy places, full of energy and urgency. At their helm, heads and principals are the guardians of their staff and students and are accountable to many in the community of parents, the board, and often investors too. So how do school leaders ensure that […]

Claudia Kennedy

New training opportunity for MYP educators

Would you like to become a Curriculum Reviewer for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) support service called MYP Building Quality Curriculum? Do you know a teacher who would like to receive training and expand his/her skill set? We need to train more MYP educators to become reviewers who provide high-quality feedback to MYP schools. Qualified educators […]


Do you understand leadership?

Understanding Leadership, the foundational workshop of the IB leadership series, has attracted hundreds of educators interested in examining leadership and improving their own skill set. So what exactly can participants expect? We asked a workshop leader and a recent participant to tell us more.

New workshops reveal “what is an IB education?”

Two IB educators, Maria Hersey and Lisa Nicholson, recently developed four new workshops in a series called ‘What is an IB education?’ Here, they discuss the workshops as tools for teachers, whether you work in an IB World School or not and no matter which programme you teach. Q: Is there always more to learn […]

Technology allows us to keep assessment relevant

By Adrian Kearney, Director of IB World Schools Globally, students have unlimited access to information and entertainment via the latest apps and gadgets – both throughout their education and in their free time. Technology and connectivity are having a dramatic impact on schools and this is revolutionising good practice for teaching and learning. It is now […]


How we embraced the IB Learner Profile, and access and equity for all (Part I)

By Marion Halberg Dobbs Ferry High School (DFHS) is a small public high school just north of New York City. The high school has approximately 440 students. Of these students, 13% receive special education services, over 3% are currently below English proficiency and receive ESOL services (English for speakers of other languages), a larger percentage […]

2015-2016 PD catalogue cover

Top workshop choices for forward-looking IB educators

Looking to boost your teaching practice? Together with our partners, we are delivering more than 1,000 professional development workshops before the end of 2016! Here are some of the top choices for IB educators. 1Career-related Programme online workshops Double up on CP workshops now and enjoy two-for-one savings until the end of 2016! (Rates increase for […]