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How we embraced the IB Learner Profile, and access and equity for all (Part I)

By Marion Halberg Dobbs Ferry High School (DFHS) is a small public high school just north of New York City. The high school has approximately 440 students. Of these students, 13% receive special education services, over 3% are currently below English proficiency and receive ESOL services (English for speakers of other languages), a larger percentage […]

2015-2016 PD catalogue cover

Top workshop choices for forward-looking IB educators

Looking to boost your teaching practice? Together with our partners, we are delivering more than 1,000 professional development workshops before the end of 2016! Here are some of the top choices for IB educators. 1Career-related Programme online workshops Double up on CP workshops now and enjoy two-for-one savings until the end of 2016! (Rates increase for […]


Curriculum Connections enhances MYP delivery in US high school

Jennifer Hoover of Richard Montgomery High School (RMHS), Montgomery County, Maryland, USA is her county’s magnet coordinator and her school’s Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator (RMHS offers MYP years 4 and 5 plus the DP). She explains how Curriculum Connections helped the IB teaching team there meet programme and curriculum requirements. Q: Why did you choose […]

Jan Stipek

Effective IB teaching and learning starts with IB workshop leaders

Jan Stipek, head of professional development (PD) for the Diploma and Career-related Programmes, cares a great deal about IB educators who deliver professional development (PD) to teachers. He explains the strong link between effective workshop leaders and improved students outcomes, below. How are workshop leaders critical to student outcomes? Highly experienced and trained IB educators […]

edutopia david hawley

Stop, start, continue: Conceptual understanding meets applied problem solving

By David Hawley, originally published by Edutopia in November 2015. I recently became the Chief Academic Officer for the IB after more than two decades of working in and leading IB schools. In IB World Schools, we endeavour to create internationally-minded young people who, recognizing our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help make a […]

Sue Richards

New workshops support aspiring leaders

Sue Richards, head of professional development for the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), explains why the new leadership workshops were developed and who they are for. Why offer the leadership workshops? The IB has a long record of supporting educators. This new opportunity is designed for educators who are effective in an IB context and who […]


Approaches to reflection

By Neil Bunting The IB learner profile is a fantastic set of attributes. I haven’t encountered another school programme that uses shared humanitarian values explicitly in the same way. My blog posts contain some personal interpretations and thoughts about the IB learner profile values. I hope that they encourage further discussion, inspired by the common […]

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What makes a dynamic workshop experience?

By Sol Perez Sol gives some insight into the IB workshop experience. Face-to-face workshops are a great opportunity, not only for teachers new to the IB, but also for more experienced teachers as they are able to share what they have learned and discover tips and secrets to help their students ace their exams. Sol […]


How does PD support MYP educators with ‘the power and impact of digital assessment’?

Stan Burgoyne is the IB’s Global Head of MYP Professional Development and began his career in education teaching English and theatre in the San Francisco Bay area, California. He later moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he was a teacher and coordinator for the Diploma and Middle Years Programmes in a public school system. […]

Matthew James

New Professional Development subscription supports all of a school’s DP teachers

Matt James, Head of IB Online Professional Development, allows us a glimpse of what’s behind the development and launch of new professional development products. He discusses IB DP Advantage, the latest initiative to be introduced by the IB, currently available on an annual subscription basis for Diploma Programme educators. An annual professional development (PD) subscription […]