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Are multi-age classes the future of learning?

Traditional age-based classrooms may be the norm, but they don’t have to be. Two IB World Schools share their experiences of multi-age teaching with IB World magazine Today’s education system resembles a factory system as children are still educated by batches, grouped by their age and then into year levels, according to Sir Ken Robinson, […]


Libraries in the 21st century: the struggle between perception and reality

By Pilar Quezzaire It speaks volumes when the man in charge of the world’s fourth-biggest public library insists digital technologies are an opportunity rather than a threat to libraries. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Anthony W Marx, president of New York Public Library, countered fears that they were dying: There are people who think […]


Don’t just listen to your elders—learn from them

The sharing of knowledge between the very young and very old can be incredibly beneficial for both parties. IB World magazine investigates the science behind Intergenerational Learning Intergenerational Learning (IL) breaks down stereotypes that surround older people, and promotes greater wellbeing, understanding and respect between different generations. But it’s more than just a simple exchange […]


A pioneer educator

Proudly telling the world about our educators in our 50th anniversary year As the IB celebrates its 50th anniversary, IB World magazine speaks to Chancellor Stephen Spahn, who shares the same milestone, about how an innovative mindset is key to a school’s success The average tenure for head of school is four years, but Stephen […]


What does ‘great leadership’ look like?

The nature of international schools brings its own set of challenges and complexities around leadership, as Michael Fertig, Lecturer in Education at the University of Bath, UK, tells IB World magazine We can all recall working with a ‘bad’ or ‘ineffective’ leader. Some of us might even shudder at the thought. “‘Bad’ leaders are ones […]

Phil Evans

Love your leadership capacity

Philip Evans, a development specialist for the Americas, recently earned an IB advanced certificate in leadership research concurrently as he earned a Master of Arts in educational leadership and management. Pursuit of this dual credential is possible through Royal Roads University’s online program, which has an on-campus residential component. Phil began his studies a year […]

Leadership matters, so how do I improve mine?

By Deidre Fischer and Glenn Odland Schools are often vibrant and noisy places, full of energy and urgency. At their helm, heads and principals are the guardians of their staff and students and are accountable to many in the community of parents, the board, and often investors too. So how do school leaders ensure that […]

International Mindedness – teachers are talking about it, but what exactly is it?

By Carolyn Savage Most schools have their own definition of what it means to be internationally minded. Policies have been written, curricula developed and special events scheduled into academic calendars, but what exactly do we mean by international mindedness? Put simply, international mindedness means understanding, respecting and valuing different cultures, embracing diversity and knowing that […]