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Allowing students to make mistakes does not make one a bad teacher- understanding learning beyond grades

Research in neuroscience and the psychology of learning in the last decades has persistently demonstrated the immense plasticity of the brain, the importance of the adolescent years for the development of higher order cognitive abilities and the inherent nature of practice and struggle for growth function (Hohnen & Murphy, 2016). So why do we still […]

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Careers and ethics: what’s the story?

The Career-related Programme (CP) core’s reflective project is more than an in-depth body of work, involving independent research, high order thinking and exploration of original presentation formats. It is also an opportunity for students to take intellectual initiative and practice skills transferable to future academic and career settings.

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Growth, innovation and technology

By Tamizh Ponni Think about it. The things that were our fantasies a couple of decades ago have been brought to life today through the power of technology. The current generation seems to use the tools of technology effortlessly. We are able to witness gradual yet extraordinary growth and innovation take their shape through the […]

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Bringing different nationalities together

The Lycée Technique du Center in Luxembourg explains how it integrates students from all over the world successfully—and three alumni share their experiences The Lycée Technique du Center (LTC) in Luxembourg holds a special position in the country’s educational system. Luxembourg is a multicultural country with 48 per cent foreign nationals, comprising 170 different nationalities. […]


Why students need the ‘skill of learning’ in the 21st century

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Nenad Bakić talks about the skills needed for today’s world and how his STEM projects have changed the Croatian education system Nenad Bakić has transformed education in Croatia. The entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist is the founder of the non-profit organization IRIM (Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity), which aims to empower all […]

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How technology is transforming education

In the first part of this series, we look at edtech innovations and how they can aid and extend learning Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, and that includes education. The huge choice of educational technology (‘edtech’) now available—from apps and platforms to augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI)—can be mind-boggling for […]

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Should exams be scrapped?

In the digital age where knowledge recall has become less important, the role of exams is being called into question. We discuss their future “Exams don’t assess abilities, they merely provide a snapshot of the knowledge an individual has been able to retain at that given point in time,” wrote Peter T Howe, Principal of UWC […]


Why the IB’s mission is more relevant than ever

Maysa Jalbout has spent her career advocating for greater and better support for education, youth and refugees. She has done so through the non-profit sector, government aid and for over a decade in philanthropy. She is currently a member of the IB Board of Governors and is Chief Executive Officer of the Abdulla Al Ghurair […]


‘The world needs the International Baccalaureate’

By Sir Anthony Seldon Fifty years since its inception, British schools need the IB now more than ever, writes one leading educationalist The IB was created 50 years ago “to develop young people … to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect”. The IB has done its job well in […]