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Other people, with their differences, can also be right

By Robert Harrison Sometimes the IB’s mission can seem quite lofty and disconnected from the real world of teachers who feel overworked by their responsibilities and students who feel overwhelmed by course work and examinations. Can education really help to make a better world? The genius of the IB has always been tying up the […]

Maryam Al-Ammari (right) at the Maharat Sewing Center in Dhlail, Jordan.

Four years of fabric and friendship

By Maryam Al-Ammari I am proud that the Maharat Sewing Project has become a community for women who share a passion for sewing and self- improvement. In numbers, it looks like this: Four years operational, since launch in 2014. More than 200 women have participated. Three different sewing instructors. Nine sewing machines. An unthinkable amount […]


50 years of IB? It began earlier for me

Peter Stoyle has been involved with the IB since its very beginning. He was the Director General of a school in Montevideo when it was chosen in 1968 to be one of the first pilot schools to trial exams for what became the IB Diploma Programme (DP). But he might say that the most challenging […]


Take on the challenge when the opportunity arises

The inspiring story of how one IB World School in Angola used their communication and leadership skills to help refugees from across the border in DR Congo. Koby Adu-Bonnah is a Middle Years Programme (MYP) student at Luanda International School, in Angola. Last year, he and 15 fellow students organized donations of clothing, food, mosquito […]


The educational garden

They call it an “educational garden”. The new solar-powered greenhouse at Ibn Khuldoon National School (IKNS)—an IB World School in Isa Town, Bahrain—teaches students about biology, botany, gardening, recycling and the environment.

The four writers

The transformative nature of an IB education

By Charmagne Braden What came out of taking this risk was truly amazing. A fully student-led theatrical production. I am often asked, when speaking with prospective parents and students, to explain what makes an IB education so incredibly special. When I hear this question, I usually turn to my colleague in the counseling department (and co-presenter), and […]


DP digital society is coming

By Joel Adams We are (in) the revolution.  The way that our world works, thinks and communicates is changing. Many of us (but not all) can easily tuck away much of human knowledge in our front pocket. On our screens flash centuries worth of art, culture and ideas jammed together with yesterday’s scandal and today’s […]

Harsh Agrawal

When arts and science come together in a career

This year’s Oscar for the best-animated feature went to a Disney movie called Coco. It’s a Mexican tale, built around the country’s Day of the Dead celebrations, with a rich cast of characters and a great musical score. One of the many animators on the film was former IB student Harsh Agrawal. Once a student […]