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DP student Dulat Sargaskayev: “I have drawn three people in break dance power moves, which represents: risk taker, balanced and thinker – these most reflect me as I am now. Break dance power moves are very risky as everything can go wrong and finish badly, and in order to do power moves and spins, a breakdancer has to be balanced. I represented ‘thinker’ by writing names of various power moves with a question mark in the background. I wanted to show what’s happening in a dancer’s head during their performance. Every move, every step is being thought about before they do it.”

Artwork makes IB learner profile personally meaningful

Visual arts task deepens curiosity and encourages students to reflect on how the attributes influence their lives When IB Diploma Programme (DP) visual arts teacher Tamara Doleman asked her students at Ashbury College in Ottawa, Canada, to identify the IB learner profile attributes that most exemplified their personalities and create a piece of art, she was […]


Food science and technology in the IB Diploma

Food is such a popular subject in schools because it is relevant, interesting, and useful. The introduction of a brand-new IB Diploma school-based syllabus in food science and technology is not only timely for those students fortunate enough to be studying the IB, it offers a lifeline for the study of food as an academic […]


A pioneer educator

As the IB celebrates its 50th anniversary, IB World magazine speaks to Chancellor Stephen Spahn, who shares the same milestone, about how an innovative mindset is key to a school’s success.


It’s time to diversify the tech scene

The founder of 23 Code Street, and IB alumni, Anisah Osman Britton, tells IB World magazine how she is making coding more accessible to women in the UK and India Anisah Osman Britton is challenging the concept that the tech industry is a man’s world. Since completing the IB Diploma Programme (DP) at Bilborough College, […]


My experience of TOK

DP student Sea Yun Joung shares with IB World how the TOK course makes an IB education unique and benefits him as a lifelong learner “Implicit”, “inquisitive” and “thought provoking” are just some of the words Sea Yun Joung, IB Diploma Programme (DP) student at Taejeon Christian International School (TCIS) in Korea, uses to describe […]