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Byron Dolon

Loving learning

“Going through high school has taught me that the process of learning inherently has value,” says alumnus Byron Dolon, “regardless of the content, learning in an IB environment involves critical thinking and depth of understanding, skills that are invaluable to making informed decisions.”

Lachezar 9x6 1

Learning, a journey without a final stop

Lachezar Arabadzhiev, a graduate of the British International School Shanghai, explores the challenge of learning new skills. He says, “I have always tried to face those fears in my life and question them to the best of my abilities. After all, quality learning does not happen overnight.”


The perfect post-exam holiday

You have your university acceptance letter and soon you will have your IB diploma results. Now you have four months of holiday and no idea what to do! If this is you, alumnus Nicole Wambui has an answer: plan for the perfect post-exam summer holiday.

Jasmine Jackson-Irwin is a proud North Carolina native and recipient of the IB Diploma from <a href="" target="_blank">Parkland Magnet High School</a>.

Picking the perfect university

As you continue your senior year, the combination of regular school responsibilities and the university or college application process will almost certainly cause stress. Just remember, however, that at the end of all that stress, you will find yourself with an incredible new opportunity: a place where you find an academic, social, and personal home.

Haley Classen

IB, worldview, and me

Alumna Haley Clasen reflects on the attributes that lead alumni of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) graduates to success and the dense webs of relationships that connect these individuals who find they can relate despite seemingly obvious differences – a testament to its deep influence on intercultural understanding and respect.

Frances 200

Why group six (the arts) is great!

“Studying the arts and setting aside time for creativity within formal education is important” says alumnus Frances Marsh, “for fostering imagination, as respite from German grammar and as an opportunity for these important moments of community, collaboration.”