Learners without borders: A curriculum for global citizenship

In the past two decades the success of the International Baccalaureate (IB) in international education has led to a significant dissemination of its ideals and philosophy. As a result other programmes are competing with the IB in education for global citizenship. In this highly competitive climate the IB must continue to develop and clearly articulate the global elements of its distinctive programmes.
The IB and IB World Schools are leaders in international education. Collaborative work with educators in IB schools and the IB Educator Network provides the foundation and a resource for the development of IB programmes.
This paper shall argue for a curriculum that strengthens the elements of global citizenship so that it becomes an approach to learning, not an addition to the curriculum. Learning for global citizenship must include specific attention to philosophy, pedagogy, content and assessment. Global citizenship requires a knowledge base and understanding of global issues together with critical thinking skills and pluralistic attitudes. In this era of rapid change, technology skills contribute significantly to a 21st century global curriculum and students’ ability to make change in the world.

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