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It’s no secret that our PYP practitioners are among the most dedicated and innovative teachers around.

This section of the new ’SharingPYP blog’ is your space to share tips, advice and strategies for successful learner centred practice(s) for use inside the classroom and beyond.

Why not share your expertise and help new PYP educators learn from your experience? We all know that the best teachers never stop learning, so please share both your tried and tested and your creative and innovative approaches to teaching and approaches to learning in the PYP with our global community.

There are still links to your ten favourite articles from 2013 under ‘archives’ and we are now able to accept new articles, in written or video format, in line with our new criteria.

PYP model 2012_Sept 2012

Graphic representation of the PYP model

New submissions are welcomed from current PYP educators working in an IB World School, in written or video format. (in English only at this time).

Written submissions: 350-500 words + two or three images or 30sec video clips to support.

Video/podcast submissions: Max 3mins + attach a written summary of 50 words.

Please consider the theme of your piece carefully, share your submission with peers or colleagues for feedback and evaluate your article ensuring that it provides evidence of at least one of the criteria below, before emailing to




Successful submissions will reflect the global nature and educational philosophy of the IB PYP and highlight best practice in the implementation of the PYP curriculum framework, inside or outside the classroom.

What does that look like?wordcloud

We would particularly welcome demonstrations of:

– the most effective approaches to teaching or learning in your school

– assessment in the PYP? What does that look like in your classroom?

– your best early years (3-5) strategies

– how language and language learning permeate your transdisciplinary themes

– how you encourage leadership qualities in your students

– the way technology is best employed to deepen the learning experience in your classroom


To finalise your submission, please click appropriate links below:

– Permission to publish form (this form is obligatory)

– Template for submitting an article (this form is obligatory)

– Photo release form (when submitting photos/images)

– Video release form (when submitting videos)


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