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Responsible action: Part 2

IB is working on developing a good practice guide that will illustrate schools’ commitment to act collaboratively and responsibly to find global solutions to global challenges.

We will be running a 4-part series of posts in this blog and on LinkedIn with questions to engage you and your community in discussions around responsible action.

Help us by sharing your views and experience!

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One Response to Responsible action: Part 2

  1. JoAnn OReilly 18 July 2014 at 12:10 am #

    Interesting question. I would begin with photos since I believe that they have a strong psychological appeal. I recently found myself spending over an hour discovering the google “I feel giving” site. I didn’t do it but I wanted to show it to the family and invite each family member to vote on the one charity they would be wiling to donate to. I might also try to find out if there is a web site similar to kickstart that focuses on charity. I would look for reports on the cost of overhead for the charity that I was interested in supporting, the number of persons served or the estimated value of the service to the well-being of the area/state/nation/world/planet.

    I might develop a survey of questions that students could use to interview family and friends about how much they give annually, to whom, and how each person makes his/her decisions. One of the questions that I might ask would be about whether persons gave to the homeless people begging on the streets.

    I might also try to explore the relationship between various religions and the foci on helping one’s neighbor. I would like to Scripture passages, the Koran, etc. to see how these admonitions affected giving.

    I would try to find an activity evaluating how giving to one another within the classroom (not necessarily monetary) affected the person who received. Did the finding influence whether I would give to that person or group again?

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