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The role of technology in IB programmes

SHAREThe online learning department has released a pre-publication of The role of technology in IB programmes, a new resource on technology literacy. Intended for administrators, technology specialists and educators interested in incorporating technology with IB ideals and concepts, the document is one of a series of materials in development that assist schools with curriculum planning with new technologies. The document covers topics related to technology literacy, such as mindsets and technology integration frameworks, and provides terminology for thinking about technology in educational contexts. The document is available under ‘Latest publications’ or ‘Cross-programme publications’ on your programme’s OCC page.

The technology guide has been pre-published to give educators access to the content. The final version of the document will be a digital product, with an option to print at the user’s discretion. By releasing the text first, we are giving educators the opportunity to test the ideas and concepts within and then provide feedback so that the IB can design products for our community’s diverse needs. Readers can anticipate materials that are based on that feedback, and that are more user-friendly, interactive, and conducive to classroom practice. If they have ideas on professional development based on the role of technology in the IB programmes, we would like to hear about them as well!
Here are some starting questions to help you discuss this publication with your colleagues and networks:

• How can we connect technology literacy to the programmes in specific ways?

• Do the general categories of Agency, Information and Design adequately touch on most of the technology integration concepts and skills schools might need to map? How might further documents expand upon technology literacy?

• Does the document adequately explain the difference between integration and implementation of technology? Is it clear why this distinction was made, and can you expound on how the distinction might affect school policy and curriculum planning?

• The terms exploring, employing and evaluating are the technology literacy parallels to the written, taught and assessed curriculum that is outlined in ‘What is an IB Education?’ What kinds of practical examples of exploring, employing and evaluating are already happening in our schools? How would it be best to show the IB network how this is happening in classrooms?

• Are mindsets a helpful way of looking at how technology is viewed and encouraged in IB schools?

• Do you use technology integration frameworks in your school? Perhaps as part of curriculum mapping? How is that working out? Should these frameworks be encouraged?
The online learning department is taking suggestions on how to develop the document further. Please contact Pilar Quezzaire at [email protected] for more information on how you can contribute.

3 Responses to The role of technology in IB programmes

  1. Maru Busico-Flight 11 December 2014 at 5:52 pm #

    This is such an exciting time.. 🙂 WTG IB!

  2. Jeffrey Chan 24 December 2014 at 3:15 pm #

    When looking at the way we teach IB at our school and how our district is implementing the 1:1 classroom environment. It is exciting to see that the world of IB is on the same path to help our students become global citizens who are familiar and experts with technology. It is also great to see documents being published to assist teachers in this area.

  3. Yuri Halushka 24 January 2015 at 5:08 am #

    I found the new document to be extremely comprehensive and well put together. As an IB teacher with a passion for technology, I can truly say that I “needed” this document to come out as it reaffirmed what I believed and gave me further support and encouragement to continue to work with and on my curriculum in order to first implement and then integrate technology into my classroom.

    I believe the document does a great job in explaining the difference between implementation and integration and what the focus of every school should be. As a team leader, I plan to encourage my colleagues to implement technology into our units and eventually integrate learning devices such as iPads into our school.

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