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A transdisciplinary approach to a Grade 4 unit of inquiry

The article focuses on building a transdisciplinary approach to a unit of inquiry and how multiple perspectives enhance student understanding. Some initiatives towards including elements of the enhanced PYP are also detailed in the article. In this article, my attempt is to focus on the transdisciplinary approach to a unit of inquiry along with some […]

Student work

Fostering Agency in Assessments

With the changing face of the education sector, some educators are working in the direction of adopting and altering their learning strategies as well as their learning spaces to provide their learners with a conducive environment to develop and grow holistically. Keeping this in mind, I have tried out an alternative method to assessment criteria […]

Monica India

A Forward-Looking Approach to Feedback

Feedback is a powerful tool to improve students’ learning. If the approach is forward-looking, it will empower the learner to explore new strategies and possibilities to meet the learning targets. If these are collaboratively constructed and owned by the learners, it results in greater accountability.       In a constructivist PYP classroom, ‘feedback’ plays a key […]


Emotional intelligence in preschool

  The article describes experiences we had during an inquiry into emotions in the Transdisciplinary theme How we express ourselves. It includes some activities suggested by children that can really help to strengthen emotional intelligence. No one would deny the fact that early education is critical for later success in life.  Experiences that children get […]

Prioritizing agency in experiential learning

In exploring agency and what this means, we began questioning the value of field trips and thinking about how often they are adult-led, and with adults clearly positioned as the experts. What resulted was a re-thinking of the role of students on such trips and a series of reflections on their response. On our journey […]