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The PYP Hyderabad Network was started in November 2009 to provide support to candidate and authorised schools offering the IB Primary Years Programme in the Hyderabad region. There are currently 11 member schools. The network aims to organize professional development opportunities, engage in educational dialogues, share ideas and communicate relevant information from the IB Asia Pacific global centre. The network has appointed a Chairperson and a Secretary.


The PYP Hyderabad Network aims to develop a strong bond by sharing ideas, concerns, experiences and information; to link programmes through professional development and exchanging resources; to extend guidance to schools new to the PYP; to provide a forum to discuss the needs and challenges of the schools in the area and convey these to the IB; and to promote healthy competition through inter-school events.

Essential Agreements

  1. Sharing and learning – We will be focused on sharing and learning by bringing good examples, engaging in discussion, and practicing academic honesty. We will also conduct interschool events to promote sharing and learning among our students.
  2. Profession development – We will conduct internal sessions on current interest area, and encourage participants to share their learning after attending a regional or in-school workshop.
  3. Reach out – The Chairperson will liaise with the IB to convey local schools issues and provide a voice to the network.
  4. Ethical practice – We will discourage teachers from breaching their contract and indulging in midyear resignations by checking with each other before offering positions to them.


PYP FRAMES, the network newsletter, is published four times a year.  Each school has been allotted two pages to showcase their best practice. These articles are written by coordinators and teachers from the member schools. Schools nominate themselves to take up the responsibility of producing and distributing the newsletter. Every school receives a printed copy for display in their library as well as a digital copy to be forwarded by the school’s PYP coordinator to the teachers in their respective schools.


  • Principals and PYP coordinators of the member schools meet twice a year to plan activities for the network. Focussed learning sessions are also conducted during these meetings.
  • Teachers’ seminar or “Jobs-alike” sessions are held once a year. In January 2012 Ms Tania Lattanzio was invited for a two-day seminar on “Developing Creative and Critical thinking skills”. Jobs –alike sessions for the year include discussions on the IB Standards and Practices, Resources in the PYP, Learning support, ICT in the PYP, Early years in the PYP, and others.
  • Every year a “Sports and Arts fest” is conducted for the students of member schools. All meetings and events are held in the schools of network members.

For further information on the network please contact the network chairperson, Adilakshmi Chintalapati at



Last updated 26 April 2012

One Response to PYP Hyderabad Network

  1. Ajitha Radhakrishnan 6 January 2014 at 7:48 am #

    Dear Adilakshmi,
    I really apprecite the initiative that the Hyderabad network has taken and the multifarious activities that it undertakes.
    It is truly interactive and must be benefiiting the all the members.
    I am the PYP Coordinator of Trivandrum International School and have just completed our authorization visit.We are the first IB school in the state of Kerala.
    Knowing fully well that this network is exclusively for schools in Hyderabad , my query is can we be a part of it too?
    Ajitha Radhakrishnan

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