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Rebecca Clements

The PYP exhibition

“In my role as ‘Teaching and Learning’ advisor at the English Schools Foundation, I am privileged to work alongside many passionate teachers as they plan and implement their exhibition units. This time of the year is my favourite, as I see evidence of students exhibiting the attributes of the IB learner profile that have been […]

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It comes from inside me

This article reveals how the reflective process can be the most valuable aspect of self-directed inquiry. “Having completed the amazing Personal Project process this year which is tied to our How we express ourselves unit of inquiry but also to our pastoral [care] driving theme of self-awareness, the reflective processes were, in my opinion, the […]

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Cristina Milos 1

Conceptual understanding in the PYP

This post is an excerpt from a post titled “A Question of Identity” by Cristina Milos. The full post explains the process of working through a unit of inquiry on identity and includes descriptions of learning engagements. This excerpt provides an insight into how one teacher helped her students to understand the meaning of the […]

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