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Transforming Learning Spaces through Imagination

Transforming learning spaces through imagination

This article is based on an example of how students re-imagined a mundane classroom as a hotbed of space exploration, and how giving students agency to creatively re-imagine learning spaces can inspire taking action.

Shenoba Jesuveni, homeroom teacher, Sharanya Narayani International School, India

Festivals and celebrations are part of life

This article shows how grade 2 students expressed themselves through a unit on celebrations. They inquired into celebrations and festivities and how they are connected to belief systems, cultures and human spirit.

Michael-James Palazzo, grade 4-5 teacher, La Scuola International School, San Francisco, USA

The IB Primary Years Programme and Reggio approach in action

In this article you will read about the IB Primary Years Programme and Reggio Emilia approaches in action at an Italian language immersion school in the USA. The article illustrates how a constructivist student-led inquiry can provide students with the opportunity to ask meaningful questions about real-world issues and find answers to those questions through […]

Jasmine Cergol, Year 6 Teacher & Year Level Coordinator, Milgate Primary School, Australia

Making a positive difference

This article illustrates a year 6 team’s journey to incorporate well-being into inquiries and encourage students to take meaningful action by emphasizing positive purpose.

Marcela Solórzano Ortega, PYP teacher, Gimnasio del Norte School, Colombia

Let’s change the world!

In this article you will read about fourth grade students choosing to contribute in the efforts of reducing the excessive use of single-use plastic, by giving advice to their families and reusing plastic caps to manufacture objects to cover some classroom needs.