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Julianne Hay, PYP teacher, Radford College, Australia

Get to know The Ten Tales from Different Countries

This article is an example of how ‘The Ten Tales from Different Countries’ series of books can be used to support units of inquiry and help develop thinking skills in a Primary Years Programme classroom.

Brian Lalor

Assessing action

In this article you will find a sample self-assessment rubric showing the connection between the PYP attitudes and action.

Kirti & Aarti

How teacher and counselor join forces

This article showcases a constructivist approach towards fostering the attitudes of ‘empathy’ and ‘tolerance’. It is also reflective on the school culture, benefiting from a transdisciplinary approach of integrating PSPE with units of inquiry.

Michelle Guerino

Fostering a gender inclusive learning community

In this article you will find easy to incorporate practices to ensure all students, including those who identify with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community, feel safe and supported at school.