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A transformational journey by single subject teachers

A transformational journey by single subject teachers

This blog article captures the journey of transformation during online learning as experienced by single subject teachers. They travelled from the stage of disruption to adaptation, and to growth.

Co-creating a Collaborative Classroom

This describes my journey into developing a collaborative learning group classroom environment and programme, with a class of grade 1 and 2 students. It outlines the processes involved in helping young students identify and use collaborative learning skills effectively, which was also part of my own growth.

Solving conflicts together

Students establish agreements for solving classroom conflicts by building a collaborative community in which their social and management skills can grow. As an educator, we all know that we would like our students to be able to solve conflicts with their peers in a safe and nurturing environment based on the IB Learner Profile. Appreciating […]

Pia Segovia, grade 5 PYP teacher, Saint Andrew's School , Bolivia

Parents as mentors involved in the exhibition

This article describes how parents guide children in their investigations and reflections through strong issues chosen by them for the Primary Years Programme exhibition.