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Shenoba Jesuveni, homeroom teacher, Sharanya Narayani International School, India

Festivals and celebrations are part of life

This article shows how grade 2 students expressed themselves through a unit on celebrations. They inquired into celebrations and festivities and how they are connected to belief systems, cultures and human spirit.

Letizia Balzi, art teacher, Fagerhaug International School, Norway

Teaching art brut aesthetics and ocean pollution

This article exhibits how students from lower elementary develop creative and critical thinking skills using art to discuss the issue of water pollution. In connection to art, students were familiarized with the concept of aesthetics and the relation between the used artistic media and theme of water pollution.

Linda Camelo

Learners taking big steps for entrepreneurship

In this article it is delineated how Primary Years Programme philosophy of engaging learning activities, effective assessment and meaningful actions represents an ideal framework to assist students developing their sense of entrepreneurship, one of the key competences for lifelong learning.

Shannon Hickey, Coordinator of the English program, the Puebla American School Foundation, Mexico

Using literacy to drive inquiry

This article highlights a PYP school’s journey towards fostering language and literacy inquiry as an essential tool for achieving the objectives of the programme of inquiry and ultimately, learner success.