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Revisiting previous posts

Due to a technical error, many posts on the SharingPYP blog were removed from public viewing. During the following months, we will be bringing some of these articles to light once more. We will continue to post fresh content as well, alternating with the revisited articles. Indeed, our newer subscribers may not have seen previous […]

2015 Blog survey response - role pie chart

Remember to share your opinion!

Readers, The blog survey is still open so if you have not completed it, click on the link below. Let us know your opinions and comments – they will really help us to provide you with relevant, interesting content. Let your voice be heard! We have received 40 responses so far, approximately one-third of the […]


Please share your opinion using our survey!

As part of our continuing dedication to providing the best possible service for our readers, we have created a survey about the blog, and we would like to invite you to use it to share your opinions and comments. The survey asks about the type of content you would like to see and about the […]