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Sana Noor, Primary ICT teacher at Pathways School in Noida, India

Get set, goal!

In this article you will read about how a teacher brought a technology into a classroom to make learning experience more engaging and visually relatable for students.

Elena Vizurraga is the Director of Studies at Hiram Bingham, The British International School of Lima, Peru

The value of pre-assessment

This article is available in Spanish and English. The author illustrates how pre-assessment tasks can be used to appropriately challenge and enable every student to extend their understandings.

Vandana Parashar, PYP Coordinator at Pathways School, Noida, India

Creating for understanding

This blog post talks about exploring different forms of technology as part of the transdisciplinary theme How we express ourselves. During a unit under the transdisciplinary theme How we express ourselves, we explored how technology can be a modern language of human expression. We began working around the tool or app of the day to […]