Teacher Support Materials

Request for the PYP Teacher Support Materials – an exciting opportunity to join the evolution of the PYP!

Can you help the IB improve the quality of our guidance for schools by assisting in the co-construction of teacher support materials (TSM’s)?

We know that many of our dedicated PYP practitioners are already implementing the PYP in new and original ways and we want to share their knowledge and expertise with our wider PYP learning community.

These TSMs will become part of the enhanced PYP digital resource, providing practical guidance to make implementation of the PYP easier and more exciting for PYP educators at different stages of their development.

If you would like to join the team, please read through the submission requirements. Should your submission be successful, a member of the PYP development team, will contact you and guide you throughout the collaborative process. Currently, only materials in English are being sourced, but we will be expanding this to include other languages at a later stage.

Deadline for submission: extended to 22 June 2017

If you have any questions or need additional guidance before making your submission, please e-mail: pyp.curriculum@ibo.org

Thank you for your support with the ongoing development of the PYP.

PYP development team

Submission pack:

Submission form
Image and personal data consent form (adult)
Image and personal data consent form (minor)

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