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Evolving together

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) At Atlantic Community High School, the Diploma Programme was selected as the tool of choice for improvement. More than 20 years later, it has transformed the school in unexpected ways. In 1992, Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, Florida, US, began offering the IB Diploma Programme (DP). The goal, says […]


Taking all the right steps

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) Bavarian International School helps its Diploma Programme students choose goals, such as going to a good university, and then provides support to help them achieve those goals. Since 1996, the Diploma Programme (DP) has been part of the fabric of Bavarian International School, which has one campus in Munich, Germany, and […]


Prepared for all challenges

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) To help achieve the school’s motto and goal for students, the Indus International School in Pune is growing its Diploma Programme. In August 2011, the Indus International School in Pune began to offer the Diploma Programme (DP). The first cohort was 21 students. This year, 65 students at the school in […]


Drawing in students and advancing them

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) Like other IB World Schools, Campbell High School attracts students with its Diploma Programme. Then it goes a step further by supporting them with a system designed to make sure they succeed in the programme. When Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia (US), wanted a program to attract students from outside […]

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How does a DP school manage to be both tightly focused and highly flexible?

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) By concentrating on the needs of DP student, Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala, has served them well—and helped its programme attract more students. As a good Diploma Programme coordinator, Biju Baby asks as many parents as possible about why they are interested in sending their children to his school, Cathedral Vidya School (CVSL) […]

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Persuading parents to focus on the quality of the learning process

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) The Diploma Programme helps both Tonbridge Grammar School and its students to grow and be the best they can be. A predominately female environment presents special challenges for a school. Knowing that many girls lack self-confidence, the response of Tonbridge Grammar School (TGS) in Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom, is to provide […]

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Creating a new tradition

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) Founded in 1950, the High School Affiliated to Renmin University in China just began offering the Diploma Programme in 2012. Yet the cohort already has increased to the point that the biggest barrier to more growth is simply space. Chinese schools typically take a traditional approach to education. The Diploma Programme (DP) focuses on not […]


Challenged to succeed

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) Eighty-five percent of the students at Robinson Secondary School take at least one DP class. That has not always been the case. The coordinators and teachers who make that possible believe in their students and the IB philosophy—and they work hard to support both. The international flavor at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia, in the […]

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Perseverance pays off

Case study: Diploma Programme (DP) The International School of Düsseldorf was one of the first schools to offer the Diploma Programme. Some 40 years later, the school continues to believe in the IB pedagogy. When the International School of Düsseldorf (ISD) began to offer the Diploma Programme (DP) in 1977, one obstacle arose immediately: The local state government authorities did […]