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How do you identify bullying?

In the second article in a series discussing bullying, IB World magazine looks at how student-led strategies are helping IB World Schools raise empathy and tackle bullying

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“Bullying should be an international conversation”

It’s an issue that affects almost all children in some way. In the first of a series of articles discussing ‘bullying’, IB World magazine investigates its effects, what adults and students can do to combat it, and how a school in Sweden has used the IB Learner Profile to help


When education overcomes conflict

Everybody is different, and while we celebrate and embrace difference, this also means that disagreements can occasionally arise. IB World magazine explores how teachers can help their students make sense of conflict


The global search for education: A global education for all

George Rupp was recently appointed as the Chair of the IB Board of Governors. He has served as Dean of Harvard Divinity School and as President of Rice University, Columbia University, and the International Rescue Committee. Read The Global Search for Education interview where Rupp shares his insights into the future of education and the […]