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Henry J Kaiser High School Hawaii garden 2

Seven ways to help protect the planet

In part two of our feature on sustainable schools, we showcase some of the environmental projects that IB students are involved in 1. Create a school garden “A sustainable school garden, or the ‘living classroom’ as some people call it, is the perfect holistic playground and it enables students to reconnect with the natural world helping […]

Skagerak International schoolIB world pic jumping

How sustainable is your school?

In the first of a two-part series, we look at the importance of sustainable school projects in helping the environment and inspiring the next generation to take positive action  There’s never been a more crucial time for schools to lead the way on environmental issues. In October, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) […]

Maryam Al-Ammari (right) at the Maharat Sewing Center in Dhlail, Jordan.

How your ideas will shape the future

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we’re inviting students from all four IB programmes to join our #generationIB event to showcase their collaborative skills and innovative ideas and solutions with the world. At the age of 16, Maryam Al-Ammari knew she needed to do more to support her community. As an IB student in Bahrain, [...]

Students tackle global challenges for #generationIB

We’re halfway through our #generationIB campaign and we’ve already received dozens of submissions from students around the world. IB students have been coming up with exciting, innovative and practical ways to solve global problems, and using social media to engage with the world around them. Teams have set up Twitter and Instagram accounts, some using […]

Aernout GenIB

How to define a global challenge

He reported on the fall of Yugoslavia, the Palestinian intifada, and the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Now, Aernout van Lynden is teaching students to find their calling and discover what it means to be a good journalist.

Akihiko Hoshide actively colaborates with the Japanese Aereospace Exploration Agency and works at the space center of  NASA in Houston, Texas.

An astronaut’s guide to building a team

Only a few graduates know the challenges of working on the ISS, among them is Akihiko Hoshide. Since graduating with his IB diploma, Akihiko began work with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), became the 3rd Japanese astronaut in space and will soon take command of the International Space Station.

Maryam Al-Ammari (right) at the Maharat Sewing Center in Dhlail, Jordan.

Four years of fabric and friendship

By Maryam Al-Ammari I am proud that the Maharat Sewing Project has become a community for women who share a passion for sewing and self- improvement. In numbers, it looks like this: Four years operational, since launch in 2014. More than 200 women have participated. Three different sewing instructors. Nine sewing machines. An unthinkable amount […]


Take on the challenge when the opportunity arises

The inspiring story of how one IB World School in Angola used their communication and leadership skills to help refugees from across the border in DR Congo. Koby Adu-Bonnah is a Middle Years Programme (MYP) student at Luanda International School, in Angola. Last year, he and 15 fellow students organized donations of clothing, food, mosquito […]

iStock-653375088 2

Graduates set global challenges for IB students

These inspiring alumni posed challenges that set the stage for students to think critically about real world topics during #generationIB. What global challenge would you like to see the next generation of student leaders solve? We invite you to pose your challenge for students on Twitter and Instagram.


The educational garden

They call it an “educational garden”. The new solar-powered greenhouse at Ibn Khuldoon National School (IKNS)—an IB World School in Isa Town, Bahrain—teaches students about biology, botany, gardening, recycling and the environment.


Ways to embrace mindfulness at school

Proudly telling the world about #generationIB in our 50th anniversary year For International Day of Yoga, IB staff member and yoga teacher Kate Kuhn offers tips on how to make mindfulness an integral part of school life. If you’re an educator or a student in a busy school setting, finding a large chunk of time […]