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Camilo Saravia Aguayo’s Proton Smart Clothing: Tugging at the Threads of the Future

Camilo Saravia Aguayo is a Spanish National Committee scholar currently studying physics, economics, design technology, math, French and English within the Diploma Program (DP) at the United World College of Thailand (UWCT) in Phuket. We caught up with Camilo as he shared a little more about his studies at UWCT and about his entrepreneurial venture […]

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IB educational opportunities abroad: UWC

One UWC alumna tells us how she found her way from Bolivia to UWC-USA in New Mexico and then to Switzerland, where she volunteers for the UWC Swiss Association to select Swiss students and residents to attend a UWC. We also share the perspective of a Swiss student on his UWC experience.

Aernout GenIB

How to define a global challenge

He reported on the fall of Yugoslavia, the Palestinian intifada, and the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Now, Aernout van Lynden is teaching students to find their calling and discover what it means to be a good journalist.

Akihiko Hoshide actively colaborates with the Japanese Aereospace Exploration Agency and works at the space center of  NASA in Houston, Texas.

An astronaut’s guide to building a team

Only a few graduates know the challenges of working on the ISS, among them is Akihiko Hoshide. Since graduating with his IB diploma, Akihiko began work with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), became the 3rd Japanese astronaut in space and will soon take command of the International Space Station.