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“Being an IB graduate provides me with a good perspective on why we do what we do”

IB Graduate to IB Staff: Kielo Savilaakso

To get the blog started, I have done a spotlight on a few of the IB staff members in the Americas office who are also IB graduates.

Kielo did the IB Diploma Programme at New International School of Thailand (NIST), graduating in 2000.

  1. How did the IB function in your school? It was an all IB school so all students were enrolled as well as being a full continuum school. The PYP and MYP had only recently started (1 or 2 years) while I was, I think, the 5th DP cohort.
  2. What was your favorite undertaking that you did for CAS? The school built up a strong relationship with a village outside of Bangkok that had a large AIDS and orphan population.  For our CAS project we went to the village to offer English classes to the students at the school as well as bringing supplies and helping to build a small house to help people recently diagnosed with AIDS who had been turned out by their families whilst they sought more permanent accommodation.
  3. Where did you attend university? University of Glasgow. MA (English Literature and History) in 2004 then MSc International Politics in 2006
  4. How did you feel about the IB once you started university? Did you notice a difference between the IB grads and the non-IB grads? Definitely noticed a difference. I remember my French professor at the time telling me that, having done HL French B, I could easily skip to 2nd year classes instead of first year if I found it too easy.
  5. How/why did you come to work at the IB? Despite swearing I would never have anything to do with the IB, the years of University gave me the perspective and hindsight to realize what a huge, positive impact it had on my life. So when the opportunity to work for the IB came up, I jumped on it.
  6. What is your position at the IB? I started in the Cardiff office as PD Associate, in global PD, in 2009. I then became OCC Manager in 2010 and moved to the Bethesda office in March of 2011.
  7. What is it like working at the IB as an IB graduate? I think it provides me with a good perspective on why we do what we do. I’ve seen and experienced the benefits of an IB education so I keep that in mind as I work.

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