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“Seek out friends, teachers, and mentors among those who inspire you”

IB Graduate to IB Staff: Sky Brandt

To get the blog started, I have done a spotlight on a few of the IB staff members in the Americas office who are also IB graduates.

Sky did IB courses in the USA, graduating in 2002.

  1. What did you do for your EE? I wrote about education in the United States – specifically about the No Child Left Behind Act, which was passed just as I was entering my senior of year of high school. Education policy has always been a topic that has interested me, so I think it is both fitting and somewhat ironic that I work for an organization like the International Baccalaureate today.
  2. How did you feel about the IB while you were doing it? I personally thought it was great at the time, but I also like to think of myself as an academic at heart. I loved math, science, and literature. This made the IB curriculum a good fit.
  3. What was your favorite undertaking that you did for CAS? I volunteered at a local wildlife rehabilitation center. I fed baby raccoons, herded injured birds, mopped floors, cleaned cages. I can’t say it was earth-shattering work that changed the world, but the experience gave me an up-close understanding of the wildlife that lives around us and more importantly supported a unique local non-profit-organization that needed a strong-armed volunteer.
  4. Was your decision to attend your university based at all upon your IB experience, and/or the way that university regarded the IB? Unfortunately, it wasn’t. But, given that it is 12 years later and recognition has increased dramatically for the IB – this is something students should take advantage of in the United States by seeking out opportunities for scholarships, college credit, and or Sophomore/Junior standing. It will give an incredibly amount of flexibility down the road and could also be a huge piece of leverage during the application process.
  5. How/why did you come to work at the IB? Total and utter accident – but when I was applying, my experience with the IB and the positive impression I had led me to consider it strongly as a good place to be.
  6. What is your position at the IB? I am currently our Alumni Relations guru, working within the communications and marketing team.
  7. Do you have any advice for current or future IB students? Seek out friends, teachers, and mentors among those who inspire you – and do your best to keep in touch with them down the road.

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