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Maya Grodman is the IB’s University Relations Administrator at the IB Global Centre in Bethesda, MD, USA.  She also an IB graduate of Collège du Léman International School in Geneva, Switzerland.

University Admissions Offices have a lot going on. They are making big decisions year round, and here at the IB, we like to help however we can. We encourage universities to take the time to understand the various aspects of the IB, so they can best support IB graduates and benefit from their presence on campus.

The IB has many different resources for universities, so this week, I thought I’d bring it all together in one place. Here you can find links to videos, research, information and overviews that are helpful for universities that are learning about and working with the IB.

General Resources:

Resources and Documents Library (including Subject Briefs for many DP subjects)

Digital Toolkit


About the IB:


IB 101 and Evaluating an IB File (videos)

University Cover Letter – DP

University Cover Letter – IBCC


IB Programme Research:

Research Materials

IB Diploma Programme Impact Studies

IB Graduate Destinations

Key Findings DP      Key Findings Americas


University Recognition:


Information for Policy Makers

Add or Update your Policy on the IB Website

Meet the IB Recognition Team

Policy USA      Policy Canada



IB Good News Letter Archive

University Admissions Blog

IB Counselors, Coordinators and University Relations Facebook Group

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