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2015 Americas IB World Schools Association Leadership Meeting- Taking it to the next level

Rachelle Bernadel is the IB’s University Relations Administrator at the IB Global Centre in Bethesda, MD, USA. She is also an IB graduate of Parkdale High School in Riverdale, Maryland.

Happy Friday readers. The energy has been crazy here at the Americas office. It seems like we can’t help but to get fired up about the 2015 Americas IB World Schools (AIBWS) Taking it to the next level Association Leaders Meeting in order to counteract these frigid temperatures! The AIBWS meeting is an opportunity for leaders from each of the 36 IB associations spanning the United States, Latin America and Canada to join together to share best practices about work within each of their associations, and how they can bolster their reach to the surroundings communities and districts. During the opening remarks our Head of Regional Development Paul Campbell noted that the IB is not always reaching every student with the opportunity to experience this educational framework. Through a newly launched IB strategic plan, access has become a focal point of many discussions and developing ways to make this program readily available is a top priority.

Associations Meeting

The meeting allows educators to discuss their concerns with the IB and foster a climate of learning about what we as an organization can provide for them. Whether that be data, support for particular programs or collateral to promote the IB within their districts. These leaders are on the ground doing the IB and know what their constituents need and can relay that back to the IB.

During the course of this two-day meeting there will be 15 breakout sessions that participants have an opportunity to engage in:

  • Research
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Conducting a comprehensive outreach campaign
  • Meeting the professional development needs of your regional association
  • Living the Mission
  • Latin America University Recognition (en espanol)
  • Moving forward with an Executive Director
  • Summer Academy-Professional Development Right in Your Backyard
  • From Ideas to Action
  • E-Learning in the IB
  • New Leaders Forum
  • Reaching out to all association stakeholders through PD activities
  • Working with legislators and state agencies
  • Building International Mindedness in your association
  • Action Plans for the WWI Memorial Project

Meeting Opening

Many exciting and informative things happen within IB World Schools Associations that can help strengthen the foundational knowledge of counselors. When counselors are well-versed about the inner workings of the IB, they are better equipped to help their students. The beauty of having a strong association and being involved with one is that you are able to network with other IB professionals, better synthesize lingo and not feel so detached from the IB community if you are not located near one of our world offices.

Be sure to find your local affiliate here:

Also, if you want to hear what some of the meeting participants are saying, follow the Twitter Hashtag #AIBWS2015NEXTLEVEL

 A big thanks to the meeting sponsors Pamoja Education and the IB Mid-Atlantic Association for helping to make this gathering a success

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