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Recap: Career-Related Programme University Recognition Event

As the IB Career-Related Programme (CP) emerges in the world school community, universities are beginning to take notice. However, due to its unique, flexible nature, they are uncertain how to approach recognition. That is where the University Recognition, School Services, Research and Product Management teams of the IB enter the picture! The more expertise the merrier and as we have coined in the organization, #OneIB!


In September 2016, the IB organized an event in Georgia, USA to bring together a select group of institutions in the US Southeast region, to strategically educate them about the CP and provide best practices to use within their particular contexts. I can hear CP coordinators of the world raising their voices and hands with a big thank you now!

One of the initial challenges in doing the recognition work for the CP was how to effectively pitch a program that has only been in existence since 2012. Especially when we compare it with the Diploma’s almost 50 years of supporting data and alumni outcomes. In response, a few of my colleagues put our heads together and responded to that challenge with this: “start from the beginning.”

With that charge in mind, we brought together 9 colleges and universities (Lynn University, Florida Institute of Technology, University of Central Florida, Georgia Southern University, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Wesleyan College, Agnes Scott College and Savannah College of Art and Design) to discuss:

  • What is the Career-Related Programme?: Curriculum, Pedagogy, Reach and Learning outcomes
  • How is the programme being implemented in existing CP schools?
  • What research is being done to demonstrate the impact of the CP?
  • How are students being prepared for university?


In addition to higher education representatives, there were also local CP schools, students and alumni present to give a firsthand perspective of the program, career pathways and challenges they faced. University representatives also visited Marietta High School, a Georgia CP school to delve deeper into the inner workings of the program while the culinary pathway students made lunch for us! It was definitely a treat to converse with such articulate young people about their goals and how the CP is preparing them for success. As a former IB student myself, it is always refreshing to hear the voices of our students.img_9428

To top things off, we held a mini-college fair for all IB CP and DP seniors at Marietta High School. Students are always thrilled to hear from universities who are versed in the IB and are actively seeking them on their campuses. (Universities, please be sure to update your policy on the IB Student Registry!


This event was the first step to help CP students receive the recognition for all of their efforts. There is a lot of work to be done but if you are a university reading this and would love to learn more, please feel free to contact me to set up a CP 101 workshop for your university.img_9445

Still want to learn about how the CP is becoming a great addition to the IB world? Check out these testimonials to hear for yourself!


Wesleyan College also  followed up with a few days ago said that “We are so glad that we participated. Although we already awarded credit for DP and CP students, we’ve decided to expand the IB scholarship we offer to both groups, and we’re going to our nursing faculty about giving CP students an edge on the Guaranteed Acceptance Program (GAP) application for nursing.”-Angie Wright, Registrar

Good stuff right? We think so too and are excited to continue to the work on the Career-Related Programme.

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