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Get Involved With College Signing Day 2018!

Celebrate the future 2018 graduating class on May 1st for College Signing Day!

The Reach Higher initiative, led by former first lady Michelle Obama, uses this time to feature short videos of students to celebrate College Signing Day. Check out last year’s participation!

Help us once again support her campaign by creating your own IB version, featuring IB students from all over the world and from all types of IB World Schools.

What you can do
Ask two or three of your IB students to make a video between 20 and 30 seconds long capturing the following information:

  • Student’s Name
  • High School
  • College or university they are signing with
  • One reason that the IB made a difference in their college admissions process
  • Advice to underclassmen doing the IB: “Hang in there” because….”

We are looking for very casual, organic, and fun , segments shot on their smart phones or tablets. They can choose to wear college gear, but it is not required.

Where to submit the videos

1. If students send you their footage via email, simply forward the message to us at Since the videos are meant to be short, they shouldn’t clog up your inbox.

2. If students prefer to upload their videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo, just send the link to their videos to

3. If you choose to upload their videos to your school’s social media account, please tag us @ibOrganization, @ibAlumninNetwork #reachhigher #bettermakeroom. You can batch the videos onto your favorite platform and just send us the link, too.

We are planning to tweet out these videos on the IB’s twitter account between April 30 and through May 4, 2018. If your students would like to participate, please make sure that they return a signed consent form with their video. Please return the minor or adult consent forms along with the video

We would like to feature students who are going to attend a wide variety of institutions. While we want to feature some prestigious universities, please include all kinds of colleges and universities and not just the most selective institutions.

The deadline for submitting videos is April 27th! Please share this with your students and help recognize their major milestone.

Feel free to email if you have any additional questions.


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