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Marie Vivas is the IB Americas Senior Development Manager. She has overall responsibility for university recognition in the Americas region, working closely with admissions professionals counseling university bound students.

This is a hot topic for colleagues who work with IB students around the world. Here in the IB office we have been fielding questions from our IB World Schools community as well as from universities, colleges, and governments who are eager to review our new courses and provide the best guidance to our students.

During the July 2018 International ACAC Conference the idea came up of hosting a webinar on this topic. I am not sure exactly who came up with the idea, but it was brilliant! As we all returned to our offices or embarked upon summer vacations, the plan for the IB Math webinar came together. From our side, we recruited Deborah Sutch, DP Curriculum Manager Mathematics and enlisted the help of our colleagues from the IB World Schools department to prepare a thorough but succinct exploration of the new Math courses and to provide some guidance on how to best advise students through the course selection process. We then asked colleagues from the university side to share their insights on how the new math courses might be received by the higher education community.

International ACAC hosted the IB Insights – The New IB Math Curriculum and University Considerations webinar on October 3rd, 2018. While the webinar series is usually a member benefit, International ACAC recognized that the IB community would also benefit greatly from the information we presented. They kindly offered to make the webinar available, free of charge, to the public. I am truly grateful to their leadership for making this resource available to all of our stakeholders.

I would like to thank my fellow panelists for their thoughtful contributions.

Deborah Sutch – IBO

Peter Chetwynd – King’s College London

Panetha Ott – Brown University

Ffiona Rees – University of California, Los Angeles

Merike Remmel – University of Toronto

Holly Smith – University of Sussex

Please follow this link to view the webinar and download the slides. 

We are planning a series of blog posts to offer a more in-depth exploration of the new IB Math curriculum. Watch this space for future entries.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email

To check out additional free resources for IB World Schools, see our past library of available webinars: 

Looking forward to working with all of you to provide the best support to our students.



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