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Changes to the DP/CP November 2018 results issue date and time

Hi IB friends!

We wanted to take some time to share this friendly update about transcripts results for our counselors, coordinators and universities evaluating students who sat for the November 2018 exam session.

Changes to the DP/CP November 2018 results issue date and time

Cccess to the 2018 November exam results will be granted to universities and institutes between 7 AM – 12 noon on 3 January 2019 in your local time zone.

If your institute has selected to receive IB results in Electronic format, you will be able to download results by going to Results > Download pdf or Download Datafile or Candidate search. The download datafile pages will display the exact time that you will be able to access results.  Please note that the time in IBIS is listed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Please note that these changes only apply to the DP/CP November session.  There will be no change to the May session results issue date at this time.  You can find out more about the project which brought about this change here.

Feel free to visit these pages on our public website to receive additional information: 


If you have any specific questions, please let us know!

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