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Off to new adventures!

Over the past 4 years, I have served in this role as your University Relations Team Administrator. We have partnered together as IB Counselors, Coordinators and University Relations Communities on issues relating to admissions, access, equity and best practices for supporting students in high school and beyond . This platform has and will continue to be been a place to help the IB collaborate together as a forum and think collectively around the ways we can support students in the International Baccalaureate Programmes. During my time here, the knowledge and friendships that I have gained were truly irreplaceable. I joined IB at a time of transition. A few years out of college, just trying to find my way. Now, it has led me to yet another transition and the purpose of this blog post. On Monday March 11th, I will be moving on to other exciting opportunities to continue to impact students in their academic and life endeavors.

It has been an honor to serve alongside you in many exciting projects that I am confident will continue to make lasting impact within the IB community and the lives of students. The blog will still flourish, not to fear! Marie Vivas ( will be your main point of contact. 

Thank you all again for your commitment to seeing students achieve their potential. Please feel free to keep in touch as I am sure this will not be the last capacity in which we can work together!

Off to new adventures! With lots of love–Rachelle 

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