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IB Americas Regional Conference 2014

PYP development team at the booth

In July the PYP development team joined nearly 2000 educators at 2014 IB Americas Regional Conference in Washington DC. The conference provided an opportunity to present the review process so far as it transitions from stage 4 (exploration of key themes) into stage 5 (programme development).

During interactive breakout sessions attendees contributed to discussions sharing a broad range of perspectives from across the region. At the post conference participants considered such questions as ‘What leadership scenario would have the greatest impact on student achievement?’. During the discussions attendees were challenged to support their ideas with evidence from their own professional experience, research or professional development.

Many participants visited our first ever PYP conference booth which provided a great opportunity to connect face-to-face with IB professionals in a wide variety of roles, from many varied school contexts, at different stages in their PYP journeys.

We asked educators what they like about the PYP; the most common response was the learner profile and the holistic, inclusive nature of the programme. In response to our question about how the implementation of PYP had impacted classroom practice, increased participation and engagement of students was the most recurrent theme. Collaboration and inquiry were noted as challenging for some, while they were identified as areas of greatest development by others.

Networking and connecting with other teachers was identified as a challenge. Do not forget that as well as a resource library the OCC also has forums where you can connect with other IB educators and discuss topics of interest. Current discussions on the OCC include collaborative planning, PYP and international mindedness and inquiry.

Come and join us in the IB AEM conference in Rome on 16-19 October 2014!

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