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Other people, with their differences, can also be right

Proudly telling the world about our philosophy in our 50th anniversary year By Robert Harrison Sometimes the IB’s mission can seem quite lofty and disconnected from the real world of teachers who feel overworked by their responsibilities and students who feel overwhelmed by course work and examinations. Can education really help to make a better […]


Washington Post writer talks IB in two minutes

Proudly telling the world about our philosophy in our 50th anniversary year Jay Mathews’ employer for 50 years, The Washington Post, describes him as a Harvard-educated columnist and education writer with Chinese language skills and author of nine books, including five about high schools and a New York Times bestseller. It was also Jay who “created […]

Akihiko Hoshide actively colaborates with the Japanese Aereospace Exploration Agency and works at the space center of  NASA in Houston, Texas.

An astronaut’s guide to building a team

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we’re inviting students from all four IB programmes to join our #generationIB event to showcase their collaborative skills and innovative ideas and solutions with the world. Is teamwork and collaboration an essential component for tackling a great challenge? Consider the International Space Station (ISS), a team of astronauts working [...]
Maryam Al-Ammari (right) at the Maharat Sewing Center in Dhlail, Jordan.

Four years of fabric and friendship

Proudly telling the world about our alumni in our 50th anniversary year By Maryam Al-Ammari I am proud that the Maharat Sewing Project has become a community for women who share a passion for sewing and self- improvement. In numbers, it looks like this: Four years operational, since launch in 2014. More than 200 women […]


50 years of IB? It began earlier for me

Proudly telling the world about our history in our 50th anniversary year Peter Stoyle has been involved with the IB since its very beginning. He was the Director General of a school in Montevideo when it was chosen in 1968 to be one of the first pilot schools to trial exams for what became the […]

Safinah profile 300

When there’s no easy way out

Joining us this year as an alumni contributor, Safinah Hidayati Hambali shares her advice for making good decisions when under stress, rather than taking the easy way out.  This is her second story in our series of graduate voices. 


IB student tackles air pollution

Proudly telling the world about #generationIB in our 50th anniversary year An IB student from Washington State, USA, has invented a prize-winning device to warn people about air pollution. 16-year-old Nikhil Devanathan, from Kennewick High School, constructed a portable air-quality monitor that measures levels of pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide and particulates in the [...]