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How to contribute

We are currently closed for submissions. Thank you for your interest.

Want to submit, but need an idea?

All articles are welcome, however we are specifically interested in the following:

  • Flexible framework – how your school adapted to local needs/context
  • Parents as mentors – the involvement of parents in the PYP exhibition
  • Assessment – developing learning goals and success criteria with students
  • Approaches to learning – how students monitor and document on the development of the skills
  • Collaborative planning – unique ways that your school finds the time to collaborate
  • Continuous school improvement – how your school supports and reflects on your five-year plan
  • Feedback to students – how you feedback to students and support them to feedback to their peers
  • Leadership – how your school builds leadership in a learning community
  • Learning spaces – how do you involve students in the design of learning spaces
  • Well-being – how you build well-being into the units of inquiry

Submission guidelines

PYP practitioners are known to be dedicated and innovative teachers. Why not share your expertise and help other PYP educators learn from your experience?

The SharingPYP blog is your space to share tips, advice, strategies, experience and reflections for successful learner-centred practices for use inside the classroom and beyond.

We are looking for articles that illustrate both authentic and innovative approaches to learning and approaches to teaching. Submissions should reflect the global nature and educational philosophy of the IB PYP, and highlight effective practice in the implementation of the revised PYP curriculum framework.

Please use our template to submit your article (see submission pack below); send it to together with your photo, short biography (maximum 50 words) and all required consent forms. In your biography, mention your Twitter handle and/or own blog link, if applicable. We promote all articles via Twitter (@IBPYP) to drive traffic to the blog.

We retain final decision rights over headlines and we do not publish pieces that come across as promotional or are inaccurate.

Our goal is to have balanced global representation within our selection process.

At this moment, we accept articles written in English only. We will be adding French and Spanish translations in the near future.


Written submissions: 

  • should be written as a learning story (quotes allowed, student to teacher conversation discouraged)
  • should reflect the dialogue/thinking around current IB PYP principles and practice
  • should be original and exclusive to the SharingPYP blog (not be published elsewhere); however, a new take on an existing article is a possibility – please provide a link to the original article
  • should be between 500-1100 words – longer articles will be directly returned to author for editing
  • must include references in article which are added to a bibliography at the end (if applicable)
  • may include supporting high resolution images
  • will be edited by our quality assurance team and, therefore, should be submitted in a Word format (not PDF) Note: you may be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions, as we have a thorough editorial process
  • should avoid reference to Making the PYP happen
  • should avoid reference to staff names (staff positions such as the art teacher are acceptable)
  • avoid using ‘thank you’ to learning community members
  • refrain from using acronyms such as POI, UOI, TD, EAL, CCSS, etc.

Tips to consider

  • Reflect personal experiences or school stories, including pivotal moments in understanding and implementing the PYP framework.
  • Share evidence-based practice.
  • Describe what did not work as well as what worked to support learner outcomes.
  • Describe what you would do differently next time (lessons learned).
  • Describe how your school investigated certain aspects of the PYP – and what you will apply from these experiences.
  • Reference a central idea, if applicable.


Below are sample submission forms completed by PYP teachers:

Sample written article submission

Submission pack

Template for article submission (submit your article in this format)
Check list
Copyright permission form (this form is required)
Video & image consent form* (only when submitting videos and/or photos/images of minors or adults)

* Our PYP community loves to see students and educators in action. However, note that for all students featured in the photo and video submissions, parents will need to sign a consent form (forms are available above).  We understand that schools already ask parents to sign a consent form on the use of student images/videos; however, we require a separate consent form specifically for use on the SharingPYP blog.

 Submission process

  1. Manuscript submission (author)
  2. Quality assurance review (PYP development team)
  3. Initial edits (PYP development team); return to author for further work if needed
  4. Review & sign off (author)
  5. Final copyediting & proofreading (PYP development team)
  6. Obtain copyright permission (author)
  7. Publish on SharingPYP blog (PYP development team)