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Redefining play – re-imagining learning

Re-defining play, re-imagining learning

LEGO Foundation IDEA conference

PYP curriculum manager Cécile Doyen joined innovators, opinion shapers, and educational specialists at a conference organized by the Lego Foundation in Billund Denmark to consider the question:” How will we convince the world to redefine play and reimagine learning?”

Examining the latest research on brain development and play led to stimulating discussions on how play can contribute to better lives, foster stronger communities and transform the learning experience.

Cécile was particularly enthusiastic about joining the conference at this stage in the review process, “as research and consultation with schools has highlighted the demand for increased guidance on play and clearly defining its relationship to learning in the PYP.

“We know that play is a cornerstone of creativity and imagination – characteristics we seek to develop in today’s students – and tomorrow’s citizens of the world.

“It is generally accepted that, for a three year old, play is an essential route to learning about the self and others, a creative means of exploring the world and wondering ‘what happens – when?’ However, for students from as young as five years of age into adulthood – play is often misrepresented as an activity in opposition to work or serious learning.

“We now have an exciting opportunity to redefine play and make it an essential component of a fulfilling lifelong journey of learning.”


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LEGO IDEA conference


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Gaming and play-based learning are often used to describe new ways of ensuring meaningful learning experiences –  but how can we translate those ideas into practice – and increase the role of play in our own classrooms?

Redefining play - all ideas welcome

LEGO foundation conference 2014

What is the research telling us on the interactions between play and learning?

What is the impact on students’ outcomes when a play dimension is included in the curriculum?

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