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How would you value feedback on curriculum documents you write?

Building Quality Curriculum

Pictured left to right are a few of the Building Quality Curriculum reviewers: Simon Clark, Colleen Mudore and Christine Snow.

The Bethesda Global Centre reverberated with high energy during Nov. 12-14, the result of gathering 20 educators to participate in a three-day training session designed to develop a team of reviewers to support the new Building Quality Curriculum service, currently running in trials in 21 schools. The group arrived in Bethesda ready and eager to master their new roles and to help the IB elevate teaching practice in World Schools that elect to focus on increasing their capacity in quality curriculum writing.

Trainers Simone Becker, Alex Rankin and Damian Rentoule presented an overview of Building Quality Curriculum, an initiative that is part of the IB’s not-yet-launched School Enhancement Services, and designed to provide feedback on unit planners and teaching practice to school ‘clients’. Rentoule is quick to point out that feedback is a tool that schools can use to take their teaching teams and their school to a higher level of achievement.

Damian Rentoule

Damian Rentoule leads the reviewer training session, Nov. 14-17, 2014 in the IB Bethesda Global Centre.

As someone who was on the ground floor of developing the School Enhancement Services from their inception, Damian is pleased that curriculum feedback is part of the new services the IB is preparing to offer schools. “Feedback to the school as an organization is as important as the feedback that a teacher gives a student in the classroom on a day-to-day basis,” he says. Hear more about curriculum feedback from Damian.

Working in teams, the reviewer group took turns moderating and standardizing their feedback, refining and reflecting as they worked through many scenarios.

Meet three of the new Building Quality Curriculum reviewers face to face:

Adilakshmi Chintalpati, Head of Elementary Curriculum
People Combine Educational Initiatives, Hyderabad, India

Simon Clark, PYP Coordinator
Shu Ren International School, Berkeley, California, USA

Colleen Mudore, PYP Coordinator
Westlake City Schools, Ohio, USA

Contributed by staff from the IB Schools Division Communications team.

  • Aloha Lavina

    This type of feedback on curriculum documentation, processes, and supporting structures is often demanded of school consultants. Are there plans to extend this professional development and make it available for school consultants?

  • Osama Abu jafar

    Finally after all those years !! , how can other school reach you ?

  • Erin McVadon Albright, IB

    I’m delighted to know that you agree there is a need for the Building Quality Curriculum service. We’re currently taking applications from both candidate and authorized schools for a second pilot in April. Schools interested in participating should write to

    In addition, the self-assessment tool being trialed by the initial 21 schools will be refined and published on the OCC in the first half of 2015. This will be a very useful tool for consultants to direct their schools toward as it helps them reflect and identify areas of strength as well as areas in need of strengthening.

    We are also recruiting experienced MYP and PYP educators to be trained as reviewers delivering the Building Quality Curriculum service for the April pilot. For a description of the qualifications and expectations of the role, write to

  • Nancy Light

    A new pilot of this service is currently in the planning stages: French- and Spanish-speaking reviewer trainees are needed to provide coaching to schools in the pilot. Applications from interested IB educators are welcome until July 21.

    Also, PYP and MYP schools interested in participating in the trial beginning Sept. 2015 should send a message indicating their interest to